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A bird’s eye view of Bath’s parks and gardens

27/03/2017 philip Tourism

Though Bath is known for its stunning architecture, it also has a number of beautiful parks and gardens. One of the best ways to see and appreciate their beauty is from the air. A hot air ballooning experience in Bath gives you a bird’s eye view as you slowly fly above Bath’s parks and garden.

The Royal Victoria Park is a 57-acre park that was officially opened in 1830 by Queen Victoria when she was 11 years old. It is next to the famous Royal Crescent.

Prior Park was created in the 18th century by the entrepreneur Ralph Allen. Located in a sweeping valley looking over the city, it is home to abundant wildlife and contains many woodland paths.

Parade Gardens overlooks a weir and the River Avon, and boasts some of the finest flowerbeds in the country. In the summer you can hear live music from the bandstand.

Alexander Park is an 11-acre park opened in 1902 to mark the coronation of Edward VII. It is situated at the top of Beechan Cliff and is surrounded by vales and woodlands.

Another favourite is Alice Park, an 8-acre park at the eastern edge of Bath. It was given to Bath in 1937 for use of the public and in memory of the wife of Herbert Montgomery.

A hot air ballooning experience in Bath is a memorable way to view local parks and gardens just as the birds that fly over the city do.

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