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How to spend a weekend in Bath

21/04/2017 philip Tourism

There is so much to see and do in Bath that a weekend hardly seems long enough to enjoy all its attractions. If your time in Bath is limited though, here are some suggestions of where to stay, what to eat and how to entertain yourself:

Where to stay

There are many hotels in Bath to suit all budgets. For that special treat, book a stay at The Bath Priory which is like staying in a luxury country house but with easy access to the city.

The Halcyon is a small but stylish Georgian townhouse close to the railway station and the Roman Baths.

If you are on a budget, there are numerous elegant bed and breakfast guesthouses offering rooms at less than £80 a night.

Eating and drinking

You can be spoilt for choice when it comes to good eating places in Bath. There are fine dining restaurants like the Olive Tree and Menu Gordon Jones.

Many pubs and cafes offer tasty food at reasonable prices. Try Chai Walla for Indian Cuisine or the Old Green Tree for British pub food.

For cocktails in stylish surroundings, head for Sub13, a vaulted underground bar specialising in cocktails, champagne, and the best DJs in Bath.

Things to do

No visit to Bath should omit the famous Roman Baths. On weekends, get there early, as there can be queues to get in later in the day. Admission includes a glass of spa water, which is not the most palatable drink but is believed by some to have health benefits.

The other must see attraction in Bath is the Royal Crescents – a row of 30 terraced houses in a sweeping crescent.

The Assembly Rooms used to be where Bath society met for dances and afternoon tea, and is open for visitors.

For an experience of nature within the city, visit Prior Park Landscape Garden – a valley that features woodland walks. The Palladian bridge in the park provides magnificent views across the city.

The Escape Room is a live adventure experiences where you and your friends need to solve clues and logic puzzles in order to escape.

Hot air ballooning in Bath

Perhaps the most exhilarating way to see the historic city of Bath is from the air in a hot air balloon. From high in the sky, passengers can experience breathtaking views over the city. As a balloon flight over Bath is dependent on the wind direction, you can never be sure what you will see on your ride. A flight can take you beyond Bath to see the many villages that surround the city. You may even fly by the ancient stones of Stonehenge.

From taking off to landing takes three to four hours, so it’s an ideal way to spend part of your weekend vacation and still have time to visit Bath’s many other attractions at ground level.

To book a balloon flight over Bath, contact Bailey Balloons. For that extra special treat, try a champagne flight and raise a toast with your fellow passengers to celebrate your weekend in Bath.

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