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Experience a hot air balloon adventure in Bath

18/07/2019 philip Features

The skies over Bath offer an incredibly diverse location for a hot air balloon flight. Steeped in ancient history and architectural wonder, the city is stacked with secrets waiting to be explored. What better way to witness its lofty spires and steeples than riding high in a balloon? The stunning city-scape is just the beginning of your adventure as you sail beyond its limits into the wondrous countryside that provides a backdrop for Bath. The idyllic Somerset landscape will stretch out before you marked with monuments and speckled with villages in the traditional English style. When you return to earth with a head full of sights your adventure can continue as you rediscover Bath from the ground, touring a city rich in art and culture.

Every adventure has a first step

You’ll put your best foot forward and into the passenger basket at the Royal Victoria Park. Named for a visiting princess, this exquisite launch site is located close to the city’s heart and where your balloon ride over Bath truly begins. Opened formally in 1830 the vast park is perfectly placed beside the city’s Royal Crescent constructed from Bath stone and home to the five star Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa. The 57 acres of lush parkland regularly hosts an array of celebrated outdoor events including Bath’s annual festivals for children, literature, music and film along with the famous Bath Flower Show.

As you rise up from the Royal Victoria Park you’ll behold astonishing vistas of the city. Hot air balloons travel where the wind takes them so each adventure over Bath is unique and so are the sights you’ll be treated to. No matter the path your ride takes there will be amazing landmarks to see and views to remember.

You might fly over the Roman Baths the city is famed for or the ingenious Grand Pump Room surrounded by spectacular architecture from the Georgian era. Bath is a city of numerous stately towers that stand above its skyline. From its tallest situated in the elegant 7th century Bath Abbey that counts 212 steps up to the top to the unmissable Beckford Tower completed in 1827 there are many to spot.

With more than 5,000 listed buildings to its credit, there will be no shortage of beautiful buildings to see on any flight over Bath. Depending on your route you could be fortunate enough to see the famed Pulteney Bridge. This crossing has the elite distinction of being one of only two bridges in Europe cleverly constructed to support a string of shops, the only other of its kind can be found in Florence, Italy.

Sailing beyond the city

The launch site in Bath has been specially selected to ensure all flights taken will offer the ultimate experience and enjoyment for passengers. Not only spectacular sights of the city are in store for flyers but panoramic views across the lands beyond its bounds.

As you leave Bath you will instantly be assailed by the unrivalled beauty of Somerset. Nestled inside the serene Avon Valley, the celebrated city is surrounded by rolling countryside. From your eminent position you couldn’t feast your eyes on a more picture-perfect impression of these glorious lands. You’ll see green fields stretching out for miles, punctuated here and there by local landmarks and typical examples of English villages at their very best. Travelling by balloon you might fly over Lacock, a village almost completely owned and preserved by the National Trust or the lovely civil parish of Castle Combe situated on the Bybrook River.

Drifting on the breeze your trip will take you through many lands of outstanding natural beauty. Journeying south of the city you could see the limestone Mendip Hills or find yourself over the verdant Cotswolds which rise up tall from the meadows. You might even gently cross the glittering waters of the Kennet and Avon Canal where you’ll be cheered on by those below enjoying a day out on the waterways.

Hot air balloons are one of the most relaxing ways to experience glorious southern landscapes such as these. The passenger basket hangs motionless beneath the balloon, so there’s never any turbulence to disturb your enjoyment of the scenery and travelling with the wind, you won’t feel a chill. While a peaceful way to fly, ballooning is never boring. The exhilaration of freely exploring our world from high above in a hot air balloon is beyond compare.

Your excursion doesn’t end when you land

Back on the ground you and your party can share your ballooning experience while continuing the adventure on foot. A World Heritage site since 1987, Bath is a city teeming with history and culture and new sensations just waiting to be savoured. Seek out inspiration in a myriad of galleries, museums and ever-changing exhibitions where you can learn about the city and its people both in the past and present.

No trip to Bath is complete without a Roman-style dip in the thermal waters at the Thermae Bath Spa and after some sumptuous relaxation you’ll be ready to discuss your flight over a bite to eat? The city has numerous options for all appetites but for refreshment with a slice of history you can visit Sally Lunn’s Eating House, one of the oldest buildings in Bath. If afternoon tea takes your fancy, the Austen Centre’s Regency Tea Rooms is an unmissable opportunity for admirers of the acclaimed novelist Jane Austen who resided in Bath.

For breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience you can’t top a flight in a hot air balloon. A sensational way to celebrate a special occasion or surprise the one you love with a memory they’ll keep forever, a balloon ride lasts far longer than your time in the air. With an impeccable safety record and passion for ballooning our expert pilots have worked closely with television legends like Sir David Attenborough. Let them show you this beautiful part of our Kingdom and book a sky ride over the city of Bath with Bailey Balloons today.

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