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Explore inside and outside the city on a balloon ride over Bath

17/09/2019 philip Features

Flying in a hot air balloon is an incomparable adventure that combines the exhilaration of travelling at extreme heights and seeing spectacular views, with the serenity of drifting on the wind with a clear view of the horizon. From the awesome altitude you attain by balloon, you’ll have a vantage of not only manmade masterpieces like colleges and cathedrals, but some of the most magnificent natural landscapes imaginable.

This is never truer than when you explore the skies over Somerset on a hot air balloon ride in Bath. Perfectly placed, this historic city, renowned for its Roman baths, is nestled in the middle of exquisite English countryside. Before leaving the city where your balloon ride begins, you’ll witness architectural treasures galore with many important buildings to behold and learn about. Once beyond the city limits, England will open to you and the beautiful rolling hills and peaceful rivers will be yours to enjoy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Every journey has a beginning and yours starts just outside the very heart of Bath.

From launch site to city limits

On the day of your flight, your hot air balloon will rise from the glorious Royal Victoria Park just outside the centre of Bath. Named after a visiting princess, the park spans 57 acres of astonishing parkland. Situated near the famous Royal Crescent of houses and the celebrated Royal Crescent Hotel, the park is a popular venue for many events on the Georgian city’s social calendar, from national flower shows to film festivals.

Once you’re up in the air, you’ll enjoy incredible vistas of the Bath Skyline. You can explore its heritage from the skies as you sail over the Roman thermae bath spa and Bath’s famous bridges, along with multiple structures of historic significance. Bath is home to more than 5,000 buildings with listed grading, so there will be no shortage of architectural wonder to witness before you leave the city behind.

Travelling beyond Bath

Once outside the city, its Somerset County setting will unfold before your eyes. This awe-inspiring scenery offers balloon passengers an unforgettable experience. Balloons travel along with the breeze so you can never be sure quite what you’ll see, but that’s all part of the fun. You might be blown over the sparkling Kennet and Avon canal, or drift past picturesque English villages like the much beloved Castle Coombe or Lacock.

Famous for their exquisite natural beauty, both the Cotswolds and the Mendip Hills are often encountered when balloon flights sail beyond Bath. Experiencing views of this idyllic countryside from balloon must be seen to be believed and makes for wonderful photography to keep.

Both inside the city itself and beyond its limits Bath offers an ideal expedition by hot air balloon. If the perfect balance of the beauty of mankind’s creations and the natural wonder of our world are what you seek, there’s no better place way to see them then riding high in a hot air balloon.

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