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Turkish economy receives boost thanks to locally made hot air balloons

26/11/2019 philip Tourism

This month saw the launch of a brand new hot air balloon enterprise in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, and the maiden voyage of Turkey’s first domestically made hot air balloon.

This new business venture is a significant investment for a region famed for its epic hot air balloon experiences, and which attracts more than half a million tourists a year to see its curious and otherworldly landscape from the skies.

Cappadocia forms part of the Göreme National Park. This historic park, based in the centre of the country, is semi-arid, meaning it has the perfect climate for round-the-year hot air ballooning. It is also located in a volcanic region and the plateaus, rock towers, multicoloured rock formations, and iconic fairy chimneys here grew over millennia thanks to this volcanic terrain. Formed of basalt and volcanic tuff, these formations are some of the most photographed in the hot air ballooning world.

Providing hot air balloon flight experiences over this terrain is big business in Turkey. Now, thanks to the Cappadocia-based manufacture of hot air balloons, the millions of euros spent on maintaining this industry is set to stay in the country.

Sixty balloons a year are expected to be manufactured at first. Each balloon is worth €80,000 (approximately £68,500), and some will be made for export, helping this Turkish industry to thrive. That there is so much excitement about the economic development demonstrates just how popular ballooning over Cappadocia has become.

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