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French daredevil sets new record in skies over Chatellerault

10/03/2020 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

A young aeronautical adventurer entered the record books last month as the first person to ascend into the sky while standing on top of a hot air balloon.

The breathtaking feat was organized by Remi Ouvrard, whose father piloted the vessel 1,000 meters into the air to set the audacious record.

Working with a team of 30 people, Ouvrard had been preparing for this act of derring-do for months, involving lots of practice on a tethered balloon and on the hard ground.

In order to achieve this stunt, Ouvrard strapped a wooden board to the balloon upon which he had bolted an ordinary metal garden chair. Wearing slick jeans, T-shirt, trainers and jacket, the 26-year-old kept a cool head as he and his team achieved their endeavour at the first attempt.

To celebrate such a gravity-defying event, Ouvrard did a little dance on the top of the hot air balloon; a movement he is now calling the ‘dance of the skies’. He celebrated his success in traditional balloonist style, with a glass of champagne on the top of the balloon.

As far as his next stunt goes, the world is this thrillseeker’s oyster; having conquered the canopy of the balloon, he might try to swing from the bottom of one, or to create a swing between two balloons. Fans of death-defying record-breaking capers will have to watch this space.

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