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Local adventurer breaks hot air ballooning records

14/12/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

Last month saw Bath-based aeronautical adventurer Alicia Hempleman-Adams break not one, but two hot air ballooning records during an attempt in the skies over Canada. At just 33, Hempleman-Adams already holds an array of world records, including one for being the youngest person to reach the north pole, thanks to…

Al’-Ula hosts hot air ballooning world record breaking feat

25/03/2022 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Records

The Saudi Arabian city of Al’-Ula this month hosted the world’s largest ever hot air balloon glow show.

Brazilian daredevil breaks new record with hot air balloons

09/01/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

Thrill seeker Rafael Zugno Bridi stunned onlookers in December by achieving one of the most hair-raising feats that can be attempted inside – or rather

French daredevil breaks ballooning world record once again

24/11/2021 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

This month saw the incredible moment when an intrepid French hot air balloonist smashed his own record for standing on top of a hot air balloon

Chance to Fly Around the world with Bailey Balloons & Yuup!

31/03/2021 Jo Bailey Competitions, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Records, Hot Air Balloon Stories

Bailey Balloons and Yuup announce around the world balloon adventure! Bristol-based Bailey Balloons and experiences company Yuup today announced plans to circumnavigate the world in a balloon – the Yuup Flyer – promoting Bristol on the world stage and providing a unique opportunity for two Bristol residents to join the…

New world record for sky-diving hot air balloonist

14/04/2020 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

Hot air balloon enthusiasts can be a dare-devilling bunch and Marc Hauser is no exception. This month, the Swiss national took to the skies

French daredevil sets new record in skies over Chatellerault

10/03/2020 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

A young aeronautical adventurer entered the record books last month as the first person to ascend into the sky while standing on top of a hot air balloon. The breathtaking feat

Ballooning festival attempts hot air balloon world record

01/09/2019 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

The biennial Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons ballooning festival is famous for its audacious hot air balloon world record-breaking attempts.

How to set a world record with a hot air balloon in Bath

21/09/2017 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

Bath is a top place to take a hot air balloon flight, and there are a series of Guinness World Records that involve hot air balloons. If you’re an ambitious and skilled balloonist, you could try your own

Stunt plane achieves world first knife-edge aerobatics between the Anana and Taittinger Hot Air Balloons

08/11/2016 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Records, Hot Air Balloons at Events, News

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA9KsN3Ey7M In a world-first, a specially modified Pitts Special S2S stunt plane flew at 90 degrees to horizontal, just a few feet above the ground between two closely tethered hot air balloons, cutting a ribbon tied between the two balloons, 10th October at Staverton Airfield in Gloucestershire. After…