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New world record for sky-diving hot air balloonist

14th April 2020 amy Hot Air Balloon Records

Hot air balloon enthusiasts can be a dare-devilling bunch and Marc Hauser is no exception. This month, the Swiss national took to the skies

French daredevil sets new record in skies over Chatellerault

10th March 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

A young aeronautical adventurer entered the record books last month as the first person to ascend into the sky while standing on top of a hot air balloon. The breathtaking feat

Ballooning festival attempts hot air balloon world record

1st September 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

The biennial Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons ballooning festival is famous for its audacious hot air balloon world record-breaking attempts.

How to set a world record with a hot air balloon in Bath

21st September 2017 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

Bath is a top place to take a hot air balloon flight, and there are a series of Guinness World Records that involve hot air balloons. If you’re an ambitious and skilled balloonist, you could try your own

Stunt plane achieves world first knife-edge aerobatics between the Anana and Taittinger Hot Air Balloons

8th November 2016 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Records, Hot Air Balloons at Events, News, Uncategorised

See the video here: In a world-first, a specially modified Pitts Special S2S stunt plane flew at 90 degrees to horizontal, just a few feet above the ground between two closely tethered hot air balloons, cutting a ribbon tied between the two balloons, 10th October at Staverton Airfield in Gloucestershire. After…

Russian adventurer breaks balloon record

10th August 2016 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

Russian hot air balloonist, Fedor Konyukhov emerged victorious from his attempt to smash the world record for

10 hot air balloon world records

25th November 2015 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon Records

Riding in a hot air balloon is a fun and exciting way to fly. The first hot air balloon flight was in 1783 by the Frenchman Francois Pilatre de Rozier. Since that first flight, there have been