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Most unusual things to do in a hot air balloon

28/08/2020 philip Features

From duels in the sky to animal passengers on the first flight, there’s no doubt that many unusual events have occurred in hot air balloons. What can appear to be an everyday activity or standard annual occasion can become a fun-filled and exciting experience when it occurs onboard such an amazing aircraft. Read on for some unusual options you might not have considered to do while taking a flight.

1. Spend your first date in the air

For a unique first date, why not ask that special someone to take a trip in a hot air balloon? Intimate flights can easily be booked for two and offer a far more impressive option than coffee shops and restaurants. At least an hour in the air will give you plenty of time to get to know each other while sharing an astonishing experience.

2. Birthdays in a basket

Instead of gathering around the table with cake for yet another year in a row, you could always treat your nearest and dearest to a birthday balloon ride. Imagine ‘Happy Birthday’ being sung as you take to the skies.

3. Propose above 500 feet

What could be more romantic than sailing through the skies with the one you love? If the time has come to pop the question, you can take a knee and propose to your true love at a height between 500 and 2,500 feet above the ground.

4. Drink champagne on the breeze

The serene experience of flying by balloon is ideal for a glass of champagne. Set against starry skies, champagne toasts in the air can be ideal for romantic evenings and special occasions.

5. Observe animals from above

Fans of wildlife can enjoy viewing their behaviour from a balloon. The silent nature of balloons can make them ideal mobile observation posts to watch animals that are often timid in the presence of people.

6. Take to the skies as newlyweds

To make your special day truly unforgettable, take a trip for two in a hot air balloon after your ceremony or reception to celebrate saying ‘I do’.

7. Make cinema in the sky

Small video cameras and phones with a video capability can be brought along for the ride when you take a hot air balloon flight, so why not make your own film? Record your experience from start to finish and share with loved ones when you return home from your airborne expedition.

8. Anniversaries at an altitude

Special occasions only get better in a hot air balloon. For truly memorable dates, from wedding anniversaries to retirement parties, celebrating landmark moments while up in the air can’t be beaten.

With their scenic views and fascinating history, hot air balloons have long fired the burners of our imagination. After reading through some of our in-flight ideas, let your mind drift and see what unusual ideas of your own you can dream up before booking yourself a hot air balloon ride.

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