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Daring YouTuber takes to skies for musical extravaganza

10/02/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon News

Joe Jenkins, a 20-year-old Bristolian YouTuber famed for his musical stunts accompanied by his upright piano, recently delighted the people of Bristol and his followers by filming his latest act of bravery in a hot air balloon and taking his piano up into the skies over the city.

Jenkins’ choice of music was appropriately chosen for the vessel that he found himself in, being the theme tune to the Disney film Up, in which a house transported by helium balloons becomes an iconic part of the story.

This is not the only thematic stunt that Jenkins has attempted. In the past, he has taken his piano to Buckingham Palace and played Queen tracks outside of it, and he played the Thomas the Tank Engine theme in Bristol Temple Leads train station.

Jenkins’ appeal is in his playful and creative approach to piano playing, and this stunt was no exception. Guided by an expert hot air balloon pilot, Jenkins might be the first person to have squeezed into a hot air balloon basket with a piano. The stunt was a year in the planning due to the complexity of the logistics, but it went off without a hitch, and helps to confirm Bristol as the ballooning capital of the UK.

To get your own taste of the skies over the city without a piano accompaniment, we offer people the opportunity to experience hot air balloon adventures in the skies over Bristol, Bath and other parts of the south west.

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