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Three hot air balloon experiences in Summer 2022

17/02/2022 philip Tourism

A flight in a hot air balloon offers an experience like no other; a chance to float high above beautiful landscapes while feeling the breeze on your face. It will allow you to experience a once-in-a-lifetime blend of excitement and tranquillity.

There are several hot air balloon experiences available in England and Wales this summer that you can enjoy with your family or friends, such as these three.

1. A Bath balloon ride

Bath is one of England’s most historic cities and it is home to some of the most glorious Georgian era architecture to be found anywhere in the world. Your experience sailing in a hot air balloon over Bath begins at the Royal Victoria Park, opened to the public by the queen of the same name when she was 11 years old.

From there you will drift lazily over all of the city’s many wondrous attractions such as Bath Abbey and the celebrated Roman Baths. Furthermore, the balloon trip does not stop at Bath itself, instead taking you out into the wider countryside to cover picturesque little villages like Lacock and Avebury with its standing stones. All of this makes for a magical experience that you and your friends or family will remember forever.

2. Soar across the South Wales skies

England is not alone in boasting scenic beauty and historic interest, as South Wales is easily its rival. Many consider the landscapes in this part of Wales to be among the loveliest anywhere in the world, while Tintern Abbey and the many castles are globally renowned attractions.

Taking a hot air balloon across South Wales will let you drink in the panoramic countryside views at the sort of gentle pace that no other form of transport can offer. Start your journey at the astounding Raglan Castle, with its strange, angled towers and gaze from the clouds at miles of lush green country. You won’t want to come back down!

3. Hot air balloon festivities in Bristol

Bristol is another spot in England where you can explore the wonders of a hot air balloon trip this summer. The balloon will lift off from the Ashton Court Estate, a beautiful mansion and country park set in 850 acres of woodland, and which dates back more than 600 years. Your hot air balloon Bristol trip will let you see every inch of it from a perfect vantage point, including its deer park – where you should be able to spot these lovely creatures.

This city is also host to the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta, which runs for four days. If you choose to take your balloon ride during that, you will get to witness the ascent of 130 brightly coloured balloons to the skies, before the Night Glow brings the festivities to an end. More than 500,000 people come to Bristol each summer to enjoy this festival, so why not be one of them in 2022?

If you want a truly memorable hot air balloon ride in Bath, Bristol or South Wales this summer, get in touch with us at Bailey Balloons today to book your place.

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