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English Tourism Week 2022: What balloon rides offer

21/03/2022 philip Tourism

English Tourism Week got underway last Friday and continues until March 27. The 10 days are intended to celebrate the economic and social value of the tourism industry to the country and emphasise its importance.

The underlying theme of the 2022 event is ‘You’re Welcome’ as the industry seeks to recover from the pandemic, and there is no better way to welcome visitors to England than by encouraging them to take a hot air balloon ride.

Where tourists can experience balloon rides

Several different parts of the country offer organised rides in hot air balloons. Take Bath for example – this is the biggest city in Somerset and was named after the public baths built there by the Romans.

These are still standing to this day and are surrounded by some of the most beautiful Georgian architecture to be found anywhere in the country. This was constructed using the limestone known as ‘Bath Stone’ that is unique to the area. Examples include the Assembly Rooms, Pump Room and Royal Crescent.

The city also has its world famous Abbey and is set amidst stunning Somerset countryside. The advantage to tourists of taking a hot air balloon ride in Bath is that it gives them a comprehensive aerial view at the sort of gentle pace that lets them really soak up the many sights.

Nor is Bath the only part of England where balloon rides make for a magical tourist trip. Bristol can also be explored in this way, starting from the mansion house Ashton Court.

Should they choose to take a hot air balloon over Bristol, visitors can even be part of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta held each summer!

Why a hot air balloon is a special experience

There are lots of ways for tourists to see the wonders of England, but doing so in a hot air balloon offers a one-of-a-kind experience. The key difference is that this sort of trip takes them up into the clouds, to see the panoramic beauty of these English cities and the wider rural landscapes.

Hot air balloons travel at a slower, more serene pace than aeroplanes or helicopters and have none of the distracting noise. However, they still provide the excitement of flying through the air. That mix of adventure and relaxation makes them a unique and invaluable contribution to the English tourism offer.

Why not mark English Tourism Week by taking flight with Bailey Balloons this year?

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