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New hot air balloon camping adventures released in Sweden

11/04/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon News

This month saw the launch of a brand-new hot air balloon adventure for travellers intrepid enough to voyage all the way to the Arctic Circle.

For those who make the journey, a safari-style adventure with a difference awaits them. A safari camp in Sweden is the first tourist organisation of its kind to offer guests hot air balloon rides over the pristine, icy vistas of Swedish Lapland.

Flying hot air balloons in sub-zero conditions requires special adaptations to be made to the mechanics of balloon flying. Instead of using pure propane as fuel, propane must be mixed with nitrogen so that it does not depressurise. In winter, there is little daylight, and this restricts viable flying time. Low clouds can also pose problems to aspiring hot air balloon tourists.

Guests can stay within the forest in warm tents situated around a campfire, which gives them the opportunity to marvel at the stunning stars of the night sky overhead. By day, when not taking a flight that is either tethered or free, visitors are encouraged to go snowmobiling and to explore the dense splendour of the forests.

Hot air ballooning over such an unusual landscape offers visitors a unique opportunity to engage with the remarkable beauty of the Arctic Circle, but for those who prefer their hot air ballooning adventures in the UK’s milder climate, hot air balloon flights over Bath, Bristol and other areas of the south west can be had.

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