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Rangers fans beg hot air balloonists for transport to Seville

12/05/2022 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloon News

Desperate football fans took desperate measures this week to try to secure safe passage to Seville in Spain for the final of the Europa League due to take place there next week, according to reports.

Rangers are due to meet German team Eintracht Frankfurt on the pitch, and fans desperate to make their way there have taken to contacting hot air ballooning firms to explore the possibilities of chartering a hot air balloon across to southern Spain in time for the big day.

Prices for direct flights to Seville from the UK, and especially Scotland, have rocketed in the wake of Rangers’ victory over RB Leipzig last week. Eager fans contacted local hot air balloon specialists to find out if they could help.

As local experts have explained, such an endeavour – adventurous as it would be – would require an extraordinary amount of planning and expertise. For a start, fans would have needed to leave Scottish shores in March in order to make to the south of Spain in time. Hot air balloon flight is dependent of climactic conditions, and driven by the wind, so the distance that can be achieved is not always predictable. Balloons also need to refuel after about an hour of flight, making speedy progress unlikely.

Hot air balloon flying boasts its own magical charms, even if one of them is not high speed flight. To discover where a hot air balloon can take you, we offer hot air balloon trips over Bath, Bristol and other areas of the south west.

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