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What is the age limit for a hot air balloon ride?

19/05/2022 philip Features

Taking a hot air balloon ride is an experience that no other can quite match. An aeroplane might give you some of the excitement of soaring above the clouds, but the serene drift of a balloon allows you to savour every minute you are in the sky.

It is also one that will be memorable for people of all ages. That said, there are some age restrictions that are common to the industry.


A hot air balloon is a completely safe way to travel, so there are only minor restrictions applied when it comes to youngsters. A child must be a minimum of four foot and six inches tall and be over the age of seven before they can fly.

These rules are as much about enjoyment as safety. The basket that people stand in during their balloon trip is roughly 42 inches in height, so very small children will struggle to see much.

Sailing in a hot air balloon over Bath or Bristol takes in some truly breath-taking countryside and historic landmarks, but it will be frustrating for children if they cannot see the sights properly.

Equally, although a trip in a balloon is an exhilarating experience, it can be a little scary for very young children to be at such heights in the open air. This is why the rule about being at least seven applies.


Anyone older than seven is eligible for a balloon trip, but the standard rule is that those under 16 years of age should have a responsible adult with them. This is to ensure the safety of younger teens.

Older people

Balloon companies do not typically apply any upper age limit on who can take one of their trips. The feeling of floating amongst the clouds and looking down on such sights as the glorious deer park and woodland at Ashton Court, Bristol, or the Brecon Beacons of South Wales is one that older people will love every bit as much as the young.

The only time age may be an issue is if someone is not able to stay on their feet for long periods. This is because a hot air balloon ride involves standing in the basket for an hour or more. As long as elderly passengers can manage that and get in and out of this basket, there is nothing to stop them riding.

At Bailey Balloons, our balloon trips in South Wales, Bristol and Bath are fun for the whole family. Call now to book one.

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