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How many passengers fit in a hot air balloon?

20/09/2022 philip Features

Going up into the sky in a hot air balloon over Bath or any other location makes for a very memorable and exciting day out. There truly is no form of travel that is quite like a balloon; it is calmer and gentler than other forms of flight but without losing any of the exhilaration.

That does mean that there will be lots of people who want to come on a balloon flight with you though. So how many people can safely fit into a hot air balloon?

Varying numbers

The numbers that can be taken on a hot air balloon flight vary, based on things like the size of the balloon, the weather and the company that you have booked with. The lowest number of people that can be accommodated is generally two though, while the standard highest number that most commercial balloon operators will allow on a single flight is 16.

Between those numbers though, most companies will have a range of options available to cater for passenger numbers of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. That makes hot air ballooning suitable as an activity not only for couples or families, but also larger groups as either a day out or a way of celebrating an important event.

How does it work?

Within the actual basket there are compartments and the people taking the trip are divided between the different ones. The maximum number of people that can stand in any one of these compartments is four.

Thus, if you are flying as a smaller group, you may be able to stand in the same compartment together, but larger groups will have to be split between two or more of them. The reason for this is to ensure a balanced weight and to make sure that the hot air balloon is completely safe to take to the skies in.

Further information

A hot air balloon company will always ask you how many people plan to take the ride during the booking stage. Costs often vary depending on the numbers that will be taking part.

They also usually offer a range of different flight options, such as exclusive, private trips that can cater both for couples and for small and large groups of people.

If a hot air balloon trip is an idea that appeals to you, contact Bailey Balloons now to get information or book.

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