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Local adventurer breaks hot air ballooning records

14/12/2022 philip Hot Air Balloon Records

Last month saw Bath-based aeronautical adventurer Alicia Hempleman-Adams break not one, but two hot air ballooning records during an attempt in the skies over Canada. At just 33, Hempleman-Adams already holds an array of world records, including one for being the youngest person to reach the north pole, thanks to her taste for exploring northernmost parts of the globe alongside her father; the explorer David Hempleman-Adams.

A balloonist for the past 10 years, Hempleman-Adams was well placed to attempt to break both a distance and duration world record during her flight over the Calgary province of Canada. Her journey took her over the Saskatchewan province and into the record books. During her feat, Hempleman-Adams was assisted by the Calgary Balloon Club.

Hempleman-Adams broke the world record for travelling the greatest distance by hot air balloon. At 303km, she more than doubled the previous world record of 118km. She also broke the record for length of time spent in the skies. Her flight lasted seven hours and 40 minutes, surpassing the previous female duration record by 15 minutes. Hempleman-Adams attributed her success in part to the cold temperatures which enabled her to preserve her fuel and go the distance.

Hot air balloons are wonderful vessels with which to explore the world. If you want to get a taste of hot air balloon flight closer to home, we offer hot air balloon flight in the southwest of the country, including Hempleman-Adams’ home town of Bath.

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