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Stunt plane achieves world first knife-edge aerobatics between the Anana and Taittinger Hot Air Balloons

08/11/2016 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Records, Hot Air Balloons at Events, News

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA9KsN3Ey7M

In a world-first, a specially modified Pitts Special S2S stunt plane flew at 90 degrees to horizontal, just a few feet above the ground between two closely tethered hot air balloons, cutting a ribbon tied between the two balloons, 10th October at Staverton Airfield in Gloucestershire.
After arriving at 7.00 am to set up the balloons and having a safety briefing between the three pilots, the Anana Pitts Special took off. After checking all was good with the balloon pilots, Clive Bailey and Pete Dalby via radio, Pilot Rich Goodwin performed, what is known, as a ‘knife-edge’ manoeuvre between the Anana hot air balloon and the Taittinger balloon which were tethered to the runway at 150 feet. There was a ribbon running between the two balloons and this was cut by the plane’s wing tip as Rich skilfully flew his plane through this narrow gap. This was the first time it had been attempted and it required a high degree of skill, experience and trust from the 3 pilots.

After the first flight pass had been successfully completed, the balloons were untethered but tied together started to fly up to 2000 feet and Rich Goodwin made the same exacting manoeuvre again, this time between the balloons.

Finally, the plane carried out vertical and horizontal Aerobatics around the Anana balloon, which was piloted by Clive Bailey. Richard experienced up to six times the force of gravity whilst flying the Pitts Special at speeds of up to 200 mph.

The stunt, performed at Gloucester Airport, had been dreamt up and designed by technology company Anana, as a thrilling finale to their latest successful season of aerial and daredevil events and displays. Intent on pushing boundaries in the world of engineering in both hardware and software, Anana and their pilots have a shared passion for reaching new heights in aviation and inspiring others into STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

This stunt achieved massive media coverage:

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Gloucestershire Live 

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The Bristol Post: 

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Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/news/gallery/2016/oct/10/best-photos-of-the-day-autumn-leaves-and-burning-coals#img-16

British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS)

Anana bought their hot air balloon in 2013 and operated by Bailey Balloons. The Anana Pitts Special is especially modified giving it enhanced capabilities and a unique style of aerobatics.

Anana: Anana delivers advanced customer experience technology and direction. Anana solutions allow modern enterprises and businesses to engage, communicate, respond and alert their customers across all channels at any time. By managing and combining the operation of phone, web, mobile, e-commerce, retail customer engagement and the back-office Anana help organisations streamline efficiency whilst optimising their customer experience.

Rich Goodwin Airshows and the Anana Pitts Special: Rich Goodwin has performed in his highly modified biplane in front of millions of airshow spectators thorough UK and the Middle East. As an ex RAF Tornado Pilot with an engineering background, Rich is passionate about developing, building and flying the Anana Pitts Special. His aim is to produce the ultimate in aerial entertainment, push the boundaries with new ideas, and inspire others through aviation. Rich enjoys a challenge and is currently building a second modified Biplane to be powered with additional turbojets. He is proud to be taking aviation challenges to new heights with Anana and Bailey Balloons.

Clive Bailey pilot of the Anana balloon, Bailey Balloons: Clive has performed many stunts involving balloon including a mile high blind-fold tightrope walk at a mile high between two balloons and flying a mini chopper motor bike under a balloon with someone sky-diving from it at 4000 ft. Bailey Balloons is a preferred supplier for the BBC and has a great deal of filming experience. Bailey Balloons operate balloon rides in the South West. It is run by Jo and Clive Bailey whose wealth of experience, untouchable safety record and passion for ballooning has earned them their fantastic reputation.
Bailey Balloons is an award winning company with an impressive collection of awards and recognitions and recently flew Sir David Attenborough for the opening sequence of Planet Earth II!

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