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What should you wear in a hot air balloon ride?

12/06/2020 philip Features

You are gearing up for your big trip. Maybe it is the first time you have been in a hot air balloon. You cannot wait to take some amazing pictures, and see some awesome sights, but you also want to be properly prepared so that you can enjoy the experience to its fullest. You do not need special kit to fly, but you may what to take some clothing tips into consideration. So, how should you prepare sartorially for your upcoming hot air balloon adventure?

Comfort is the name of the game

You will want to look smart in your photos, but now may not be the time to don your best suit or eveningwear. Hot air ballooning is exposed to the elements and you will be spending some time in a small space taking in the views, so you should prioritise footwear and outerwear that you would be comfortable standing around in for a while.

Best foot forward

Strong and sturdy shoes are best for hot air ballooning. Not only do flat shoes like boots or trainers offer you more stability, but they also offer more coverage, so you avoid the risk of people treading painfully on your feet in the small space of the balloon. Taking footwear seriously means that you should remember that even in the height of summer, our early morning departures still take place in green spaces which may be covered in dew. Slip-on shoes and sandals are not a good idea here, even if the weather is suitable. Keeping your feet covered means that you will be comfortable for the whole flight.

Test the temperature

Of course, your flight is likely to take place in clement weather conditions, but one thing you should consider is that as you ascend the skies, the temperature may drop. You may also feel some of the heat of the balloon flame as you fly – especially if you are especially tall – so you should anticipate taking a small hat, like a beanie, to protect your head from both the chill and the flame. Avoid hats with large brims, which block the view to others in the balloon and risk flying away. Take layers with you – jumpers, cardigans a jacket, for instance – that you can put on and take off as you need.

Garments to avoid

You want to be dressed for action. Avoid dresses, skirts or overly tight and constricting clothing. Another good piece of advice is to avoid wearing jewellery; not only might it snag one of your fellow passengers, but if it falls over the side, there is no going back for it.

Swerve the temptation to take anything very bulky like a blanket. It may seem like a nice idea, but it takes up space that might be used by other passengers. If you are in any doubt as to whether what you plan to wear is suitable, speak to your pilot ahead of your trip.


Remember your sunglasses, sunscreen and camera, and start making amazing memories!

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