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Four amazing buildings to behold in Bath

18/09/2020 Mark Features

If you’re sailing across the skies on a hot air balloon ride across Bath, there are many sights to see, from landscaped gardens like Prior Park to

The ballooning history of Bath’s Sydney Gardens

17/09/2020 amy Features

Today, hot air balloons are a renowned sight on the Bath skyline, but many onlookers from the ground are unaware just how long these lighter-than-air aircraft have

Most unusual things to do in a hot air balloon

28/08/2020 Mark Features

From duels in the sky to animal passengers on the first flight, there’s no doubt that many unusual events have occurred in hot air balloons. What can appear to be an everyday activity or standard annual occasion can become a fun-filled and exciting experience when it occurs onboard such an…

Checklist for a hot air balloon ride

21/08/2020 Mark Features

Riding across the skies in a hot air balloon is an exhilarating experience, but many passengers wonder what pre-flight preparations they should make. To help you prepare and ensure you have the most enjoyable time possible, we’ve compiled a handy checklist for

When was the first hot air balloon ride?

18/07/2020 amy Features

This history of modern hot air ballooning starts over the Channel in France. Here, it was on September 19, 1783 that the Montgolfier brothers first demonstrated the tethered flight of their aeronautical device to

Myth Busted: hot air balloon myths debunked

17/07/2020 Mark Features

Hot air ballooning is a favourite past-time for so many people. Even those who prefer to keep their feet on hard ground enjoy watching the colourful globes of hot air balloons as they fly overhead, and nothing is as

From where was Uranus discovered?

13/06/2020 Mark Features

The seventh planet of the solar system is actually visible to the naked eye – if you know where to look – but it was the first planet discovered using a telescope. Once it was discovered, the

What should you wear in a hot air balloon ride?

12/06/2020 Mark Features

You are gearing up for your big trip. Maybe it is the first time you have been in a hot air balloon. You cannot wait to take some amazing pictures, and see some awesome sights, but you also

Norwich hot air balloon enthusiast continues fundraising in lockdown

19/05/2020 Mark Features

The lockdown may have put a temporary pause on our day-to-day activities, but for a pensioner from Norwich, quarantine is no deterrent to her determination to raise money for Marie Curie cancer care in the

How Bristol became the ballooning capital of the country

17/04/2020 Mark Features

To say that hot air ballooning in Bristol is a big deal would be an understatement. From its history as the birthplace of modern ballooning, to its present as at