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Jo Bailey our MD and pilot for Bailey Balloons

07/03/2021 Jo Bailey Features, General, Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloon Stories

Jo Bailey set up Bailey Balloons over 25 years ago along with her hsuband Clive Bailey and they are both Commercial balloon pilots and qualified instructors. Jo was one of four women in the U.K. to fly the larger balloons. Clive and Jo hold the altitude record from the Bristol International…

What are the best conditions for a hot air balloon ride?

03/03/2021 amy Features

Many years ago, summertime had a reputation for supplying the best weather for a hot air balloon ride here in the UK, but the same notion doesn’t hold true today. Leading balloon operators fly whenever they can safely do so, and instead of the annual seasons, it’s specific weather conditions…

Understanding safety measures for UK hot air balloons

26/02/2021 Mark Features

Whether you’re riding in a hot air balloon in Bath or Bristol, you’re sure to find the experience both exhilarating and relaxing. Hot air balloons are an exceptionally safe way to sail through the skies, and ballooning is regulated to exacting standards by the Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring passengers are

A brief history of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

22/01/2021 Mark Features

The sight of multi-coloured balloons rising into the skies above your city isn’t enjoyed by everyone across the country, but in Bristol, it’s an annual occurance. The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta has gained critical acclaim over the years and is now counted among the

Discover an unspoiled treasure from above on a Bath balloon ride

20/01/2021 amy Features

Flying in a hot air balloon in Bath can show you some outstanding urban scenery as soon as you ascend. With the balloon’s envelope full, you’ll rise up from your launch site and, safe in the passenger basket, you will see many

Discovering the legendary Bristol Belle

28/12/2020 amy Features

A large part of why the southwest city of Bristol has become synonymous with hot air balloon rides can be attributed to the Bristol Belle G-AVTL. Earning its

What’s the science behind hot air balloons?

21/12/2020 Mark Features

From the Montgolfier brothers of France, to UK aeronauts Stanley Edward Spencer and Margaret Graham, a whole host of men and women across time have

Four amazing buildings to behold in Bath

18/09/2020 Mark Features

If you’re sailing across the skies on a hot air balloon ride across Bath, there are many sights to see, from landscaped gardens like Prior Park to

The ballooning history of Bath’s Sydney Gardens

17/09/2020 amy Features

Today, hot air balloons are a renowned sight on the Bath skyline, but many onlookers from the ground are unaware just how long these lighter-than-air aircraft have

Most unusual things to do in a hot air balloon

28/08/2020 Mark Features

From duels in the sky to animal passengers on the first flight, there’s no doubt that many unusual events have occurred in hot air balloons. What can appear to be an everyday activity or standard annual occasion can become a fun-filled and exciting experience when it occurs onboard such an…