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Mysterious old-fashioned balloon gets Oxford talking

27/07/2018 amy Hot Air Balloon Stories

Residents in Oxford were left speculating over the appearance of an unusual pair of flying vehicles on Wednesday night – a modern helicopter on the tail of an old-fashioned hot air balloon. Some locals had joked that the airborne scene could have been

Watch our video of a Balloon Flight from Bath

08/06/2017 Jo Bailey Features, General, Hot Air Balloon Stories, News

Ever wondered what it is like to fly in a Hot Air Balloon with Bailey Balloons?  Watch our latest video put together by filming Wizard Josh who works in the Bailey Balloons office!  He took a flight with Clive from Bath in May 2017. (Turn sound up) Now you’ve had a…

Bristol to build world’s biggest hot air balloon

24/10/2016 amy Hot Air Balloon Stories

The world’s largest hot air balloon is set to be made in Bristol, as the city’s own

101-year-old lady takes hot air balloon flight

13/09/2016 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

Gladys Brown proved that age is no barrier to having a good time, when she ascended the skies of Boulder County in a hot air balloon. Gladys, who is from Louisville, embarked on the unique journey in honour of

Once blind American teen gets to see hot air balloons again

25/07/2016 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

A Wisconsin teenager recently attended the Waterford Balloon Festival after fearing that she may never get to

Russian voyager sets off on round the world hot air balloon journey

13/07/2016 amy Hot Air Balloon Stories

Russian daredevil Fedor Konyukhov, has set off on a solo trip around the world in a hot air balloon. Taking off from

Couples take to the skies to give wedding vows

28/06/2016 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories, News

50 adventure-seeking Chinese couples floated into the sky in order to get married in a mass