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Woman sets record performing trapeze act from hot air balloon

29th March 2016 Mark Balloon Ride Innovation

A Pilates instructor and paramedic has performed a trapeze act at 10,000ft, whilst tethered to a hot air balloon, in an attempt to break a world record. Anna Cochrane attempted the

Google balloon to bring internet to Indonesia

5th November 2015 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

Hot air balloon rides in Bristol, Brisbane and Bali have never been more popular, but providing an exciting mode of transport is far from the only thing that large balloons in the sky can do – just ask Google. The company’s Project Loon uses a network of

Bristol manufacturer builds solar powered hot air balloon

16th July 2015 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

In a city known for its innovations in the hot air balloon industry, one

Balloons to fly over Mount Everest

11th December 2014 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

A hot air balloon ride that allows thrill seekers to travel over the highest mountain in the world is now available, but taking the trip 30,000 feet into the air comes with a huge price tag. Anyone who embarks on the unusual hot air balloon journey will

Balloon restaurant serves dinner in the clouds

11th September 2014 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

CuliAir Sky Dining has been launched in Holland, which is not only a restaurant serving up freshly prepared dinners, but a hot air balloon as well. Across the world, there is

China’s first certified hot air balloon takes to the skies

6th January 2014 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

The Nanjing Hongguang Airborne Equipment Factory has become the first company in China to become certified producers of hot air balloons. The company

India’s first balloon flight remembered 50 years on

26th November 2013 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

This month marks the 50th anniversary of independent India’s first ever hot air balloon flight – an event that was recalled recently by one of

Havasu residents tasked with creating new hot air balloon

21st October 2013 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

A Havasu businessman has challenged local people to have a go at designing a new

Man misses out on navigating the Atlantic with helium balloons

20th September 2013 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

A man from North Carolina attempted a rather unusual hot air balloon flight when he tried to cross the Atlantic under the power of 365 helium balloons. Unfortunately, Jonathan Trappe was unsuccessful in his

Angry Birds hot air balloon in Taiwan

12th June 2013 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation

Angry Birds may have taken the gaming world by storm, but now it is set to do the same for the skies thanks to an Angry Birds themed