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Daring YouTuber takes to skies for musical extravaganza

10/02/2022 Mark Hot Air Balloon News

Joe Jenkins, a 20-year-old Bristolian YouTuber famed for his musical stunts accompanied by his upright piano, recently delighted the people of Bristol and his followers by filming his latest act of bravery in a hot air balloon and taking his piano up into

Balloon enthusiasts descend on Italian ballooning capital

23/01/2022 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

Epiphany signals the official end of the Christmas period, and in Mondovì, Italy, this is usually also marked by the Epiphany International Air Balloon Rally, which is the first significant event of the ballooning calendar. This year, however, an

Buying a hot air balloon trip as a Valentine’s Day gift

17/01/2022 amy Features

If you’re looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the love of your life, why not look to the skies? A hot air balloon ride will be a romantic experience your loved one

What is Balloon Ascension Day?

09/01/2022 Mark Features

Ask anyone who has taken a ride in a hot air balloon, and they will undoubtedly tell you it is one of the most breath-taking experiences out there. From soaring over busy towns and cities to

Brazilian daredevil breaks new record with hot air balloons

amy Hot Air Balloon Records

Thrill seeker Rafael Zugno Bridi stunned onlookers in December by achieving one of the most hair-raising feats that can be attempted inside – or rather

The history of the hot air balloon

24/12/2021 amy Features

Hot air ballooning has come on leaps and bounds since it first began over 200 years ago. Popular the world over, incredible achievements and records have been set in the mission to take balloons higher and further. Read on for a brief history of the

Cathedral City celebrates 40th birthday with balloon fiesta

23/12/2021 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

Situated near Palm Springs, California, the desert city of Cathedral City recently celebrated its 40th birthday with its seventh annual Hot Air Balloon Festival and

How do hot air balloons fly?

21/12/2021 Mark Features

Have you ever wondered how hot air balloons work? Undoubtedly, the best way to learn more is to experience the magic of ballooning for yourself, but if you’re curious, here’s

Hot air balloonists celebrate Hanukkah in style

09/12/2021 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a Jewish festival celebrated the world over, and celebrators in New Mexico were treated to festivities

French daredevil breaks ballooning world record once again

24/11/2021 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

This month saw the incredible moment when an intrepid French hot air balloonist smashed his own record for standing on top of a hot air balloon