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Actors reunited in the skies above London landmarks

27th September 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloons and Celebrities

This month, the Toronto Film Festival saw the premiere of the new film The Aeronauts, in which actors Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne are reunited on the

Explore Bristol from the skies in a hot air balloon

24th September 2019 amy Features

From its historic docks to its magnificent bridges, Bristol is awash with intriguing examples of man’s architectural achievements

Explore inside and outside the city on a balloon ride over Bath

17th September 2019 Mark Features

Flying in a hot air balloon is an incomparable adventure that combines the exhilaration of travelling at extreme heights and

Wiltshire sky safari festival to return for triumphant fourth year

13th September 2019 amy Hot Air Balloons in the UK

This weekend, visitors to the world-renowned Longleat Safari Park can look forward to experiencing an alternative animal encounter on a

Ballooning festival attempts hot air balloon world record

1st September 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

The biennial Grand Est Mondial Air Ballons ballooning festival is famous for its audacious hot air balloon world record-breaking attempts.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta kicks off to early start

27th August 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloons at Events

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta could be considered to be the jewel in the crown of British ballooning. The largest balloon festival in Europe, the Bristol Fiesta is a firm family favourite

Bristolians show true spirit at challenging balloon fiesta

16th August 2019 amy Features

Beset by horrendous weather the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta for 2019 battled on regardless. Despite the adverse conditions, the valiant organisers and stalwart attendees alike ensured the English city still enjoyed an unforgettable and important event on the Bristol calendar.

Information and Directions for Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2019

30th July 2019 Hot Air Balloon News, Hot Air Balloons at Events, News

With Bailey Balloons you will take to the skies with up to 120 balloons and some of the most incredible special shaped hot air balloons. When you buy a champagne flight voucher to fly at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta you will receive a special launch site pass and you will be able to take […]

Prizewinning artists unveils 100-foot tall mirror balloon

23rd July 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

California-based artist Doug Aitken has revealed the fruits of his latest commission; a 100 foot tall hot air balloon covered in a Mylar reflective coating which will travel to various destinations in the USA on a

Experience a hot air balloon adventure in Bath

18th July 2019 Mark Features

The skies over Bath offer an incredibly diverse location for a hot air balloon flight. Steeped in ancient history and architectural wonder, the