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A day in the life of Clive Bailey

22/02/2021 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons Pilots, Uncategorised

Clive Bailey is the Chief Pilot and, alongside Jo Bailey, is the Business owner of Bailey Balloons and Aerosaurus Balloons. Clive gained his Commercial Hot Air Balloon Pilots Licence in 1992, and is also a qualified instructor. He is the weather advisor for the Western Region Balloon Club, and is…

Facts About Ballooning

18/02/2021 Jo Bailey General, Hot Air Balloon Manufacture, News

Hot Air Ballooning Facts… Some quick and simple facts about ballooning! Where and when was the first hot air balloon made? In Paris, France, the Montgolfier brothers built the first balloon made out of paper and light material in June 1783. Who were the first hot air balloon passengers? A…

Footballer’s ballooning career immortalised in film

10/02/2021 Mark Hot Air Balloon Stories

This month sees the TV release of a brand-new hot air ballooning film called “Balloon Man”, which tells the tale of former NFL player Bill Costen’s journey to become the world’s

Skywhale balloon prepares to return to Canberra

26/01/2021 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

Tickets for next month’s launch of the iconic Skywhale hot air balloon were released for sale this week, and they will enable Canberrans to catch a glimpse of this eye-catching aeronautical device created by

A brief history of the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

22/01/2021 Mark Features

The sight of multi-coloured balloons rising into the skies above your city isn’t enjoyed by everyone across the country, but in Bristol, it’s an annual occurance. The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta has gained critical acclaim over the years and is now counted among the

Discover an unspoiled treasure from above on a Bath balloon ride

20/01/2021 amy Features

Flying in a hot air balloon in Bath can show you some outstanding urban scenery as soon as you ascend. With the balloon’s envelope full, you’ll rise up from your launch site and, safe in the passenger basket, you will see many

India launches wild hot air balloon adventure

12/01/2021 Mark Balloon Ride Innovation

At the end of December, Vijay Shah, the minister of Madhya Pradesh Forest in central India, announced a ground-breaking new aeronautical adventure in

Discovering the legendary Bristol Belle

28/12/2020 amy Features

A large part of why the southwest city of Bristol has become synonymous with hot air balloon rides can be attributed to the Bristol Belle G-AVTL. Earning its

Florida festival sees out the year with balloon glow

23/12/2020 amy Hot Air Balloons at Events

After what has been an undeniably challenging year for the hot air balloon industry and its fans, the Easy Event Group were delighted to welcome socially distanced hot air balloon glows to its end-of-year

What’s the science behind hot air balloons?

21/12/2020 Mark Features

From the Montgolfier brothers of France, to UK aeronauts Stanley Edward Spencer and Margaret Graham, a whole host of men and women across time have