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Controversial artwork returns to Canberra Balloon Spectacular

23rd March 2020 Jo Bailey Hot Air Balloons at Events

This month saw the Canberra Balloon Spectacular festival launch to global fanfare and acclaim, not least because a special guest was joining the

A guide to Bristol’s maritime history

18th March 2020 Jo Bailey Features

Founded on the bank of the River Avon, Bristol has a history of maritime prowess that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times. A settlement has existed in

French daredevil sets new record in skies over Chatellerault

10th March 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloon Records

A young aeronautical adventurer entered the record books last month as the first person to ascend into the sky while standing on top of a hot air balloon. The breathtaking feat

International Women’s Day 8th March 2020!

6th March 2020 Jo Bailey Balloon Ride Innovation, Features, Hot Air Balloon History, Hot Air Balloon Stories

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we are looking back at some of the most influential women in hot air ballooning. As far back as the late 1700s women have been involved in hot air ballooning. After the Montgolfier brothers demonstrated the first ever tethered flight with humans on board in…

Northern Lights flight encounter offers new ballooning experience

25th February 2020 Mark Tourism

This month saw the launch of a new tourist venture in northernmost Swedish Lapland. For the first time, visitors to the region will be able to experience the

Woman, 30, smashes altitude record

11th February 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons in the UK

Fashion consultant one day, intrepid aeronautical pioneer the next – this month saw Alicia Hempleman-Adams secure the women’s world record for altitude in a small hot air balloon in Calgary, Canada. For the

Self-powered hot air balloon to feature in K-pop art project

27th January 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons and Celebrities

Korean-based K-pop superstars BTS announced this month their intention to launch a global collaborative art project to promote connection, community, love for the world, and global unity. It features an

How do you become a hot air balloon pilot?

17th January 2020 Mark Features

Maybe ever since you watched Dorothy and Toto escape from Oz in a hot air balloon, you have been entranced by these floating domes that serenely and

Bailey Balloons founder named among people who make Bristol great

14th January 2020 Mark Hot Air Balloons Pilots

As dawn breaks over a new decade, we at Bailey Balloons were delighted to see our founder Clive Bailey name-checked in the Bristol Post as one of the reasons why our city was a great place to be in

Marine conservation society takes its message to the skies

23rd December 2019 Mark Hot Air Balloons in the UK

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society last week unveiled the newest addition to its campaigning toolkit: a dramatic hot air balloon emblazoned with their iconic take on the skull and crossbows flag. It may seem