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Bath area offers adventures aplenty

24/03/2017 Mark Tourism

Many people come to Bath for a relaxing time, but there are more stimulating experiences available in the area too. Here is a small selection of

Things to see in the City of Bath and beyond

20/03/2017 Mark Tourism

Bath is one of Britain’s main tourist destinations. The most popular attractions on the city include the Royal Crescents, the 2,000-year-old Roman Baths, the

See the bridges of Bath from the air

17/03/2017 amy Tourism

Whether or not you’re a person who is normally captivated by the design and construction of bridges, a hot air ballooning experience in

Taking time to appreciate Bath’s churches

05/03/2017 amy Tourism

Bath has a rich Christian heritage, which is reflected in a number of impressive church buildings. Perhaps the most interesting way to appreciate the beauty of Bath’s city centre churches is to book a hot air ballooning experience in

Bath is the UK’s number one feel-good city

01/03/2017 amy Tourism

According to website, in a recent survey Bath was named the top feel-good city. Respondents of the survey said that they felt more relaxed in the city than other UK tourist destinations. Many said

Three things you can do for free in Bath

01/02/2017 Mark Tourism

A lot of people think that because bath is a World Heritage site with a lot of impressive architecture, it must be an expensive place to visit, but it is perfectly possible to have fun in the city for free. Here are just some of the totally free things you…

Bath’s must-see sights

27/01/2017 amy Tourism

Whether you explore the city of Bath on foot, or from the skies as part of your hot air ballooning experience, Bath has a number of wonderful sights that you will not want to miss out on seeing. Here are some of our favourites: The steamy Roman Baths The city…

Interesting and unusual things to do in Bath

24/01/2017 Mark Tourism

Everyone knows about the city of Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery, iconic Roman Baths, and its fantastic Christmas markets. However, there are a lot of hidden gems in the city, which is a World Heritage Site, that go largely unnoticed by a great many people who visit it. If you’re looking…

Three things to do in Bath in February

20/01/2017 Mark Tourism

Whether you live in Bath, or you are simply planning a visit to the beautiful World Heritage Site this February, you will find no shortage of places to go and things to see. Why not let us help you decide which events to visit by taking a look at the…

Top things to do in Gloucester in early 2017

03/01/2017 amy Tourism

Bordering Wales and not far from the Forest of Dean, the attractive South West England city of Gloucester is one of the